35cm Xtreme Brush - DuPont TaperTec Hybrid

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  • Ultra Lightweight Brush (120g)
  • Dual Trim - 'Medium Soft' feel
  • Bristles - Outer Medium DuPont Nylon - Inner Soft TaperTec™ for extra cleaning power
  • Suitable for use with water temperatures up to 30°C
  • Click here for our Brush Guide pages
  • With Jet-Capsule jet system - comes with choice of jet types
  • Comes with 1 pair of jet capsules in the price (2 pairs a cost option)
  • Supplied with T Connector & Jet Hose if jets selected
  • Please note that this brush is only compatible with Jet Capsules - not previous design jets

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Plus 20% VAT

Xtreme™ – Our lightest brushes – everything pared down to the bare minimum to provide good cleaning with no extra weight. For those who need light weight above longevity. Also popular to fit between balcony railings & awkward access windows.

  • Dual Trim - inner bristles are a shorter length - allows for easy splay
  • Medium-Soft Bristles
  • TaperTec™ Bristles on inner bristles give excellent cleaning power for all round window cleaning
  • Fast action on the glass
  • Suitable for rinsing on the glass
  • Weight = 120g (bare brush stock)
  • Width = 35cm - 14"
  • These brushes feature four sets of twin jet holes to allow fitment of multiple choices of jets, ie, 4x fan jets or 4x pencil jets
  • Suitable for use with water temperatures up to 30°C
  • Important: These brushes need 13mm screws to be used when fitting a brush socket - not the standard 16mm screws
  • Features the new Gardiner Jet Capsule System
  • Comes with 1 set of jet capsules in the price
  • If using this brush on a pole with a Swivel Gooseneck  - you will need to pull out a little more of the gooseneck hose from the gooseneck and put an O-Clip around it so that it doesn’t pull back through the gooseneck and impede the swivel action, this will also prevent damage to the Jet Capsule
  • If using this brush on a pole equipped with a pull on/off internal flow valve, such as a Univalve  - you will need to have a hose clip or similar fitted above the gooseneck to prevent the gooseneck hose being pulled back into the pole which would tug on the jets and could lead to damage of the jets with long term use. Such damage would not be covered under warranty
  • Six month manufacturing defect warranty

TaperTec™ - finely tapered synthetic bristles with a dual height and dual bristle tip type. The very finely tapered bristles tips mimic the effect of natural bristle material such as boars hair, but with greater consistency. This allows for a soft feel that reacts on a very minute level with the dirt adhering to the glass surface. The slightly shorter blunt end bristles in each bunch then can act more aggressively when pushed slightly harder into the glass.

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