Which brush should I use?

Why so many different brushes?

Which is the best brush for my work?

These are questions that are often asked of us. The reality is that an experienced WFP window cleaner will be able to clean most windows with most brush types. However each brush type does perform or feel differently on the glass. Certain brushes are better suited to particular window types or operator technique. Often which brush works best for you will ultimately be down to trial and error to decide your own preference.

The brush summary below and the more detailed brush guide will help you narrow down your choice based on the different fundamental characteristics of the brush, the type of work you are doing and the 'feel' of each brush.

Are you new to WFP window cleaning and have no previous brush experience?

In that case we would recommend selecting the Ultimate Medium-Soft brush if using cold water or the Super-Lite Stiff brush if using hot water. These are great brushes to start with and will give you a point of reference to then compare against our other brush choices in the future.


Super-Lite® – Our original full-bodied longer bristled brush. Excellent all-rounder with great longevity & glass coverage.

Ultimate™ – A lightweight everyday brush with more compact bristle length. An excellent balance between light weight, glass coverage & longevity

Sill – A robust ‘all round’ cleaning brush for getting into every corner, frame and sill - clean everything from one brush. Robust side bristles to protect the brush from impact and abrasion in use. Also popular for Soffits, Facias, Gutters and Conservatory Roofs.

Supreme™ – Extra wide splaying bristles – feels very soft and easy on the glass whilst also providing some sill cleaning ability. Minimum pressure needed to achieve an easy splay of bristles with low frame impact due to compact & rounded edge stock design.

Xtreme™ – Our lightest brush – everything pared down to the bare minimum to provide good cleaning with no extra weight. For those who need light weight above longevity. Also popular to fit between balcony railings & awkward access windows.

Xtreme™ Sill – Our lightest Sill brush - everything pared down to the bare minimum to provide good window & sill cleaning with no extra weight. Optional Side Bumpers. For those who need light weight above longevity.



Mono-Filament - Each bristle has a straight cut end - this allows for best water flow through the bristles. This type of bristle is a good all-round bristle type for most cleaning applications. It is well suited to those want to rinse ‘on the glass’. The stiffer versions of these bristles are also best suited to hotter water temperatures.

Flocked – Each bristle tip has slightly softer, flagged or crushed ends which act in way similar to microfibre. This allows for a soft feel on the glass that cleans very effectively on dirt adhering to glass or on painted surfaces. Due to the flocked bristle tips these are best suited to rinsing with the brush off the glass. If cleaning leaded light windows these bristle types are better suited to cleaning ‘over’ the lead without catching – especially in a single-trim, low-splay brush such as the Ultimate Flocked.

DuPont® - This is short for DuPont Nylon - this nylon has greater moisture absorption capabilities than standard polyester bristles, which coupled with a fine bristle tip allows the bristles to quickly dislodge dirt from the glass surface with minimal application pressure. This bristle is also suited to rinsing on the glass.

TaperTec™ - finely tapered synthetic bristles with a dual height and dual bristle tip type. The very finely tapered bristle tips mimic the effect of natural bristle material such as boars hair, but with greater consistency. This allows for a soft feel that reacts on a very minute level with the dirt adhering to the glass surface. The slightly shorter blunt end bristles in each bunch then can act more aggressively when pushed slightly harder into the glass.



Brush Guide