Do you ship direct to international retail customers?

No - We only ship retail orders to clients with a delivery address in the UK - we do however have a good network of distributors around the world. Please check our international map to find your closest distributor. Most of these international distributors are happy to ship internationally even if they are not in your exact country of location.


I’m an international retail customer, can I set up an account?

You can set up an account - however you will not be able to process an order through your account if your delivery address is outside of the UK.


Are you able to ship an international order to a UK postal address?

Yes - All orders if the shipping address is a private address.

Yes - If the order is for goods under 20kg and does not contain a pole larger than a CLX10 and is being sent to a Freight Forwarding Agent's Address (such as Address Pal)

No - If the order is for a Pole longer than a CLX10 or weighs more than 20kg with the shipping address as a Freight Forward Agent's address (such as Address Pal) - we are no longer able to ship any pole orders or heavy orders to 'freight forwarding addresses'. Although we had previously been able to do this, most of these pole orders were being rejected by the forwarding agents due to the size and weight of these orders. Because of this the UK courier firms we use now simply will not deliver poles or heavy orders to any forwarding agent's addresses and send the goods back to us from the depot and charge us a high fee to cover their rejection costs. Therefore if you place an order on our website with a UK shipping address that is for a pole or heavy order with a 'freight forwarder' then we will cancel the order and refund any money paid.

Any warranty issues for such orders would need to be dealt with on a Return to Base basis with the purchaser returning the goods to our UK base at their own expense. If an item is repaired or replaced under warranty, it would first of all need to be returned to our UK address and the purchasers expense and if it is repaired/replaced under warranty, it would then only be delivered back to a UK address.

In the event of goods being rejected or returned, no refund will be issued until the goods are physically in the building; no refund will issued on confirmation of return by tracking. Any refund will be minus any extra fees incurred by us in attempted deliveries, return carriage and handling costs.

Please note that all goods delivered to a UK address will have UK VAT charged on them.

Full Terms & Conditions for such orders can be emailed upon request.


Why are your Distributors prices more expensive than yours?

We are a UK company with all products being designed, produced or assembled here in the UK. The cost of international shipping and importation charges that our distributors have to meet will usually mean that costs for our products are about 25-35% more expensive outside of the UK. This can increase though due to varying import levies made by some countries.


Your Distributor local to me doesn’t hold the items I need, what should I do?

Create a list of exactly which products it is that you want to purchase and communicate these to your local distributor. Most distributors place orders with us on a regular basis and they should be able to order your products in for you with their next wholesale order from us.