QuicK-LoQ Gooseneck Valve - Cap Part 3


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  • Replacement Cap Part 3 for Gooseneck Valve
  • Does not include the 3 fixing screws
  • Can be replaced in assembly with just a Philips (cross-head) screwdriver
  • All New Design -  Version 2 - redesigned by Gardiner
  • All New Design -  Version 2 - redesigned by Gardiner
  • Gardiner Gooseneck Valve with Patented Inner Valve Technology
  • "Control is not letting go" - Maintain full 'two-hand' control of the pole whilst controlling the water flow
  • Simple and fast twist to actuate action - Twist clockwise on the handle to open and twist anti-clockwise on the handle to close
  • Twist on at the top LH corner of the window and Twist off on the bottom RH corner
  • Adjustable Tension Control to allow for different brush sizes and pole heights
  • Can be operated with your hand for use on ground floor windows
  • Improves speed of water control compared to a manual valve
  • Quick-LoQ® brush connection
  • No servicing needed - no O rings to grease or grub screws to adjust
  • Suitable for pumped water supplies at up to 100psi
  • Weight - 130g (33g more than a standard Angle Adapter)
  • Also available as a cost option on our pole assemblies
  • 6 month operational warranty on inner valve
  • 12 month warranty on outer structural parts
  • US Patents 5799987 - 5937885


Fitting Instructions

  • Remove old gooseneck from the pole
  • Take the hose coming up the pole and push-fit into the 8mm push fit connector o the base of the gooseneck valve assembly
  • Slide the gooseneck valve into the top of the pole, push fully in and close the top clamp - ensure that the top pole clamp is firmly tightened so that it holds the gooseneck valve base with it being able to spin
  • Fit a brush to the top of the gooseneck valve and connect the brush T connector to the top piece of tube from the valve
  • Before first use ensure that all of the pole clamps are correctly tightened - it is important that the pole clamps firmly clamp the pole sections when using this valve
  • adjust the gooseneck valve adjuster so that it operate with the desired force needed - TIP, when working at height this will need to be loosened off compared to ground and first floor work

How to Operate

  • Extend the pole to the window, position the brush in the top left hand corner of the window and twist the pole to the right (clockwise from the pole base)
  • When finished position the brush head on the bottom right hand corner of the window and twist the pole to the left (anti-clockwise from the pole base)
  • Move to the next window and repeat


  • Water is not flowing through the device - ensure that the device is turned on, check the device is not frozen, the unit could have a dirt blockage to clear remove the gooseneck from the pole turn around and connect the top hose to the pole hose and flush dirt out.
  • The unit is too stiff to operate - loosen the bolt cap adjuster until desired tension is reached
  • The unit is too loose and turns off too easily - tight the bolt cap adjuster until the desired tension is reached
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