QuicK-LoQ 30° Angled Brush Socket


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  • Allows quick switching between Gardiner brush heads
  • Sets the gooseneck at an angle to the Brush-head which some users find more natural in feel
  • 30° Offset from perpendicular
  • Lightweight - 30g
  • Innovative Quick-LoQ® Gooseneck System offers ease of use coupled with maximum adaptability
  • When fitted to a brush, allows you to quickly switch brush heads on your Quick-LoQ® gooseneck
  • This angled QuicK-LoQ® brush socket has a 30° offset from perpendicular
  • Please note that this socket does not come with fixing screws - these need to be ordered separately
  • Innovative Registered Design - Numbers - 4029117 & 4029118
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