Oetiker Stepless O Clip Hose Clamp 10.3 - 12.8mm - for Microbore (6mm ID Hose)


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  • Suitable for use with Microbore (6mm ID) Hose and 6mm Barb Fittings
  • This O clamp can be used to clamp down on hose with barb fitting inserted.
  • To check suitability for use with other fittings/hoses - measure the OD of the hose with the barb inserted - if it is between 10.3 and 12.8mm then this fitting is suitable to be used
  • To operate the clamp use a pair of O Clip Pincers to squeeze the side of the single ear together at the narrow point
  • 167 Series Ear Clamp - Stainless Steel
  • 7mm wide band for greater surface clamping area
  • 360° StepLess - gives uniform compression and surface pressure
  • Clamp Ear - compensates for component tolerances, barb size and hose material
  • Dimple in Clamp Ear - Increases clamping force
  • Burr-free strip edges to reduce material abrasion of hose
  • Operating Instruction Sheet
  • Video Guide

Size Guide:

  • Oetiker 7.8 - 9.5mm
- For Gardiner All-Season & PU Pole Hose fitted with any 5mm barbed hose fittings - very tight fit
  • Oetiker 8.3 - 10mm
- For all Gardiner PVC & PU Pole Hoses fitted with any 5mm barbed hose fittings
  • Oetiker 9.0 - 10.5mm
- For Pole Hose fitted with 6mm Barb Fittings and Flexible Reinforced Pole Hose with 5 or 6mm fittings
  • Oetiker 10.3mm - 12.8mm -------
- For Microbore (6mm ID)
  • Oetiker 12.3mm - 14.8mm
- For Minibore (8mm ID)
  • 17 - 19.3mm
- For 1/2" Hose
Comm./imp. code no. 73269098

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