High Strength HS Carbon Fibre Modular Extension #10


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  • HS Carbon Fibre Modular Extension #10 can be used on the Xtreme 44 and Xtreme 47 for maximum rigidity when extending the overall length of these poles
  • These need to be used when wanting to add more than 4 Extension Sections to the above poles
  • Do not mix these with the standard strength #10 extensions if using more than 4 extensions
  • These are compatible with any 9 Section Gardiner pole, ie, Xtreme 47, Super Max 50
  • Comes with End Cap fitted
  • HS Modular Extension #10 - Can be fitted to an Xtreme 44 and Xtreme 47 to add 5.5ft - up to maximum of 6 extensions
  • HS Modular Extensions need to be used when wanting to add more than 4 Extension Sections to the above poles
  •     Extension Length = 1.80m
  •     Weight  = 510g
  •     Handle Diameter = 49mm


Comes with End Cap fitted

Suitable for the SLX, Super Max & Xtreme pole ranges

Please note that when fitting to a 9 section telescopic pole this section will not fully close up on the pole due to the stepped base part. This also means that the #10 clamp will not meet up with the base of the #9 clamp.

Please note that they may not be fully telescopic if using with a 3K 9 section pole


Please do not purchase this pole until you have watched the first video on the Product Video as this explains how this revolutionary pole system works.

Click Here to view the Telescopic Pole User Guide .pdf - these poles need to be maintained in strict accordance with this user guide to prevent damage or wear.

If purchasing a single section extension with one of our poles then the standard length hose pack will be sufficient to allow this to be used. If purchasing more than one extension section with a pole then a longer hose pack may need to be purchased separately – please note that this will not be done automatically. Longer length hose-packs can be purchased from this page. Please see chart below to see how much spare hose is supplied as standard with each size pole hosepack.

Pole Hose Pack & Extension Guide

Pole Length Name Extended Pole Length Std Hose Pack Supplied Spare Length of Hose No. of Extensions that can be used with Std Hose Pack
4 1.27m 5m 3.73m 2
8 2.6m 5m 2.4m 1
10 3.08m 5m 1.92m 1
18 5.3m 10m 4.7m 3
22 6.5m 10m 3.5m 2
25 7.64m 10m 2.36m 1
27 8.1m 10m 1.9m 1
30 9.03m 15m 5.97m 4
35 10.39m 15m 4.61m 3 (Twin Pack + 1)
39 11.7m 15m 3.3m 2
46/47 13.85/14.24m 20m 6.15/5.76m 3 (Triple Pack)
50 15m 20m 5m 3 (Triple Pack)
63 19m 25m 6m 2 (Twin Pack)
74 22.26m 25m 2.74m 1

Super light weight using high modulus (63.3 MSI) carbon fibre technology

High Strength Extension Sections - Hi-Modulus Carbon

UK, US & European Patents Apply -Granted Utility Patent No. GB3488342 - Patents Applied for EP12250037.4

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