"Outstanding service in the middle of Covid 19 - Excellent!

SLX22 Carbon Pole - I am absolutely delighted with this product and this company. Although a domestic customer I tend to do a fair bit of research before choosing anything and choose quality products.
This service I received from Gardiner Pole Systems was outstanding. After some research I was 95% sure of what I needed and didn’t want to put an order in then find that I should have ordered something else so I phoned and left a message. I then placed the order as I was pretty sure I had everything covered. Even though I had placed the order I still received a call back and they knew I had placed the order. Very reassuring. I live in Aberdeen yet I received the order in 3 days!
I have now used this system along with a very handy 12cm Flocked Cladding brush and I am absolutely delighted with the system. Easy and light to use and I’m very pleased with the results. I spent a long more time on my cladding gutters and my garage than my window cleaner would have but the results are just great.
Can’t recommend this company enough and am now going to order some more bits and bobs to make the job even easier.
Thanks again"

JASON - V1 WINDOW CLEANING - Products & Customer Service

"I have run my own window cleaning business for a few years now and when I got started out a local window cleaner helped me set up my first WFP system. He was also an ***** rep so everything I get was that brand. Now I’ve had plenty of time through the years to learn the trade, find what works for me and countless hours of looking up everything window cleaning related online..... I just want to say what an absolute god send your company is.

After looking extensively into everything your company offers, I have made two large orders of gear to try out and include in my set up. Your attachments, prices and overall product range absolutely blows ***** systems out of the water. Your customer service is amongst the very best I’ve had the pleasure in receiving in my life. Every time I’ve spoken to anybody on the phone, they have been so pleasant, patient and so so knowledgeable.

I can only hope that Gardiner Pole Systems goes on for a long time as I will most certainly be using its products, amazing value and brilliant service till the day I decide to pack it in. 

Thanks again Gardiner Pole Systems"


“I recently purchased the CLX18 pole system and kit, I just wanted to say how pleased I am with it and the way it was packaged. Dispatch time was very fast, I ordered on Thursday morning and it arrived Friday afternoon, brilliant. I would also like to mention the Customer Service Team, they were polite,friendly, very helpful and above all very knowledgeable about the products. It makes a change to speak to a CST who seem to care about their customers and genuinely want to help them. So a big well done and thank you Gardiner.”.


"Just had my new pole for a few weeks,it has made a huge difference to my well-being, a lot less stress and strain around my neck and shoulders which had me questioning whether I could realistically do this for a few years. The pole is light, easy to use with great clamps. The system that allows you to move and remove the brush and gooseneck quickly is just brilliant. All in all I am in awe of this product and can't wait to save enough to try the next level pole and brush which I can only assume will be an even greater experience to help make the job more enjoyable. I would also like to say how professional ,knowledgeable and helpful the telephone staff are in explaining things and never hurrying you. "


"Thank you for your email and assistance.


 I have to say... If I need to be in touch with you for any reason again - and the quality of the service would be as this, then I won't have words to describe it. I mean - I've been through many trades and many customer services points in my life and the service I've met here is just brilliant.

Very knowledgeable, very polite, on time, nice - even on the phone. Feels like someone actually cares, I've got a feeling like nothing is a problem. 


Really impressing! Thank you again. "

DAVE G - Quality Products & Service

"I telephoned Gardiner for advice as I wanted to order SLX25 with extra length hose and would be using a Univalve. I also wanted other products. I Spoke to Cassie who was very knowledgable and gave me all the advice I needed. I was informed I would need to order on the telephone due to the fact I wanted extra length pole hose.

After checking website again I telephoned the next day and spoke with another lady who took my order. Again, this person had full knowledge of the products, and was very helpful. Within twenty four hours my order arrived.

Must say I was very impressed with Gardiner products, quality, service and advice. The SLX 25 is so much lighter than my previous pole, I couldn't believe it. I also ordered the 24cm Sill brush to go with it. Used it today and could not believe how light it all is. It was so light that when the box was delivered I thought it was empty!!!! WILL DEFINITELY be a returning customer. Quality products and service. Very impressed.

Many thanks."