Mr D Moore - Xtreme Natural Hybrid Brush

“I've just purchased the Xtreme natural hybrid brush and when I saw them I thought “these aren’t going to do anything”, but I wanted to let you know as the brush designers that they are in fact the best brush that I have ever used.”

Jake - Best brush for day in day out work.

"This new Xtreme is absolutely brilliant, the combination of the lightweight Xtreme brush with the natural bristles makes cleaning 4-6 weekly work a breeze. The natural inner bristles make light work of snail trails etc. It's the best Xtreme brush for first cleans as well, due to the inner bristles scrubbing power. The perfect brush for regular work! "

Mr Hart - USA - Ultimate Pole

“I just had to email to tell you - just finished a 3-storey commercial job. Knocked an hour off my previous time.  I was an absolute phenomenon!  3 stories commercial, over a car, over a small tree, from out in the parking lot, threading the brush between the letters of a glass sign and logo.  Using the articulating neck enabled me to cock the brush and clear almost all of the logo just kissing the edge of the letters.  I darn near could have signed my name!

 I wish I had a movie of that one.  No way I ever could have done that without my Gardiner Ultimate 46 and #10-12 extension pack -  it was amazing even to me.  Absolute finite control to the 1/4 inch (6.35 mm for you Brits) That gear has taken me to a whole new level.  Only thing left to do is to retire a winner and drink ale. Thanks to all of you for helping me to put my gear together”

Tom - Ryedale Cleaners - Customer Service

"Thank you for your email and assistance.

I have to say... If I need to be in touch with you for any reason again - and the quality of the service would be as this, then I won't have words to describe it. I mean - I've been through many trades and many customer services points in my life and the service I've met here is just brilliant. Very knowledgeable, very polite, on time, nice - even on the phone. Feels like someone actually cares, I've got a feeling like nothing is a problem. 

 Really impressing! Thank you again. "

Mr K Hodgson - CLX18

“I recently purchased the CLX18 pole system and kit, I just wanted to say how pleased I am with it and the way it was packaged. Dispatch time was very fast, I ordered on Thursday morning and it arrived Friday afternoon, brilliant. I would also like to mention the Customer Service Team, they were polite,friendly, very helpful and above all very knowledgeable about the products. It makes a change to speak to a CST who seem to care about their customers and genuinely want to help them. So a big well done and thank you Gardiner.”.

Mr S Moodycliffe - Brilliant Poles

"Just had my new pole for a few weeks,it has made a huge difference to my well-being, a lot less stress and strain around my neck and shoulders which had me questioning whether I could realistically do this for a few years. The pole is light, easy to use with great clamps. The system that allows you to move and remove the brush and gooseneck quickly is just brilliant. All in all I am in awe of this product and can't wait to save enough to try the next level pole and brush which I can only assume will be an even greater experience to help make the job more enjoyable. I would also like to say how professional ,knowledgeable and helpful the telephone staff are in explaining things and never hurrying you. "

Philip - SLX - Amazing Pole

“Been using an SLX since 2009 and its still going strong on its original clamps and sections. Its indestructible, true testament to Gardiner. I never buy from anyone else anymore.”.

Mr Bond - SLX22 - Poles are a 'country mile' ahead of the rest

"Perfect pole. When using a pole for work everyone has different needs as every window and job prevent different challenges, whether you need the height for commericial or close cleaning, lightness to reach above a conservatory at an awkward angle or when you are trying to navigate on side windows at the very tight space left between new build houses, Gardiner have it all, as for the brushes the variety is extensive and they are so versatile they glide over the window. Smart clamps round off what makes in my opinion the best pole available on the market."

Damien - Xtreme Poles - Thank You

We have been using Gardiner Pole Systems since 2010. I was just about ready to give up WFP cleaning when the Xtreme range was announced. The Xtreme range allows me to work a normal day pain free. Without these products I wouldn't be cleaning today - Thank you. Damien, LGB Vision

Julian P - SLX25 - Impressive

I just wanted to say how very impressed I am with my new SLX25 pole.Over the last 12 month I've bought two other carbon poles and had problems with both of them,both were considerably more expensive as well.This SLX is so light and easy to use,it's a joy to clean windows with it,thanks once again.

M Wakefield Cleaning Services - Supreme Brushes - Impressive

This is the brush i have been waiting for, especially good on domestic work.The smaller stock and larger splay of bristles mean that the brush is lighter and quicker to work with, in fact we are getting through work faster than before. The bristles seek out more dirt on the frames and easily clean window sills without the plastic stock hitting or damaging the sills. We found that we did not need to press hard and that the brush just did all the work for us. The brushes look smaller than the standard superlight brushes but when used the bristle splay is actually bigger. Favorite versions are the medium hybrid and the flocked brushes, what can i say Brilliant.

Daniel - Xtreme 25

Due to a serious RSI in my neck and shoulders I decided to switch to the Gardiner Xtreme range in 2011. I was and am still happy to pay a premium price for the 100s of grams of savings in weight compared to carbon or composite models. It makes a huge difference as to how I feel after a day's or a week's work. I am still window cleaning today thanks to Gardiner bringing in the Xtreme range. I have been exclusively using the Xtreme25 with an Xtreme35 extension when needed. I have always upgraded to the latest models and sold the used ones on eBay and recovered 60% of their cost new on every occasion. Very versatile, easy to operate, easy to maintain, an absolute joy to work with. I cannot recommend this pole more highly to any one having second thoughts ... This pole is NOT an expense, it's a wise investment that will pay back dividends in all departments: your health, your income, the quality of your work!!!

Matt Clarke - SLX25

Have been using my new slx25 now for about 6 months and it still looks and feels brand new. It is so light and great at getting into every area it needs to. After using other manufacturers products for numerous years I must say that the Gardiner poles are far superior to others. The customer service is excellent and friendly but still remaining very professional.

Mr D - UK

for me the best all round pole for the money is the 25FT SLX - no need for another pole for domestics and small/medium commercial - it reaches everything.

Chris Dent - Proprietor, Best Choice Windows

Having worked with WFP for 3 years now I can say that the Gardiner CLX-22 is the absolute best composite pole and brush head I have used, period. The quality is first class. The lateral clamps are outstanding. The weight is incredibly light. My working day is so much easier now leaving me ready for the next day. I will be buying Gardiner poles and brush heads from now on! I have recommended them to my friends in the trade.

SB - SLX and Brush Bumper - Superb Products

“Best poles and brushes on the market – you are also the only company on the planet that sell brush bumpers, great stuff. I’ve been looking for them for an age – superb products.”