Andy - The Widget


Every Gardiner pole owner should have one!

The new jet capsules are great too, such an improvement.

I've wanted to experiment with different jets for a while and that will be much easier now."

James - Xtreme 18 Pole

"I’ve had the Xtreme 18 pole for a few days after a recommendation from another window cleaner.

It’s a fantastic piece of equipment, beautifully light weight and lovely to work with.

I would highly recommend it for anyone cleaning windows with WFP systems.

It is expensive but worth every penny!!"

Dean Posh - Universal™ 26cm Sill Brush - Flocked

"It’s just Great.

I have bought 5 for each van.

If you have another brand of brush just bin it and get on it."

Bruce - Universal™ 26cm Sill Brush - Flocked

"I bought this brush along with an SLX 22 pole and I’m very pleased with it’s performance. It’s light and able to get into the small gaps and the cladding that’s surround the windows.

An excellent all rounder."

Tattood Window Cleaner - SLX25

"I bought my SLX 25 around 5 years ago after was recommended..."Use a Gardiner carbon pole, you're wasting your time with those fiberglass"
So I purchased mine...
5 years later..I've bought a replacement section no2 as mine snapped, a replacement brush head and just purchased extension section 6 to extend to 30ft.
Pole and clamps are still strong and working.
After 5 years of abuse, it is still serving me well.
Buy 1...you'll wish you did years before."

James Brown - Super-Lite® 26cm Brush - Medium Mixed


This is hands down the best all round brush on the market, I don't use anything else anymore. It gives a great scrub but is also really lightweight, also cleans sills great if angled correctly.

James Brown Window Cleaning



“I just had to email to tell you - just finished a 3-storey commercial job. Knocked an hour off my previous time.  I was an absolute phenomenon!  3 stories commercial, over a car, over a small tree, from out in the parking lot, threading the brush between the letters of a glass sign and logo.  Using the articulating neck enabled me to cock the brush and clear almost all of the logo just kissing the edge of the letters.  I darn near could have signed my name!

 I wish I had a movie of that one.  No way I ever could have done that without my Gardiner Ultimate 46 and #10-12 extension pack -  it was amazing even to me.  Absolute finite control to the 1/4 inch (6.35 mm for you Brits) That gear has taken me to a whole new level.  Only thing left to do is to retire a winner and drink ale. Thanks to all of you for helping me to put my gear together”

WINDY76 - Xtreme 26cm Tapertec Brush

"Absolutely love this brush.

Took a week to break it in but well worth it. Ridiculously light and coupled with an Xtreme 22 pole works very well.

Works particularly well on slug and snail trails. Easy to pick debris out of with fingers."