Micro Jet Rinse Bar - 35cm - High Flow

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  • 32 micro jets provide precise but gentle rinsing with brush on the glass
  • Fits between brush and brush socket on any 35cm Gardiner brush
  • Provides over-bristle micro jet rinsing
  • Needs a higher flow rate than standard pencil or Fanjets - recommended 2.5lpm - 3lpm
  • Height of jets can be adjusted
  • Can be used with internal brush jets as well
  • Lightweight at 48g
  • Uses John Guest connections on unit
  • Uses standard Brush T Connector and jet hose - optional extra
  • Needs 2 longer screws to allow it to be attached between brush body and brush socket (if used on standard brushes, will need 19mm screws. if used on Xtreme will need 16mm)
  • Please note: The rinse bar does not come with the brush & gooseneck pictured

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Plus 20% VAT

Screw Choice:

  1. If using on Ultimate, Super-Lite & Universal brushes then the standard 16mm screws will need replacing with 19mm screws
  2. If using on Xtreme brushes then the standard 13mm screws will need replacing with 16mm screws
Please note that if using on a 35cm Universal Sill brush the rinse bar will sit slightly higher than standard on the brush

6 Month Manufacturing Defect Warranty

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