Gritstop - Pole Hose Cleaning Attachment

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  • We have stopped selling these items - replacement washers can still be bought from us for exisiting users.
  • Gardiner are sole distributors of the Gritstop® device
  • Keeps the inside of the pole dirt and grit free
  • Reduces dirt and wear on the pole during its life
  • Easily fits any Gardiner pole inside of the base cap and cleans the PU pole hose during use
  • Please note that this only works well with PU Hot Water hose
  • We recommend changing the washer on a weekly schedule for maximum efficiency


Fitting Instructions

  1. Remove gooseneck from the top of the pole - disconnect the pole hose and pull out from base of hole
  2. Remove end cap from the pole
  3. Place 1 washer inside of the two pieces of the Gritstop device and push together
  4. Place the device on the base of the pole with the small diameter shaft going up inside the base of the pole first
  5. Replace the end cap on the pole
  6. If not already using PU hose on the pole then switch pole hose to PU hose
  7. If the PU pole hose has a top stem to barb connector fitted cut this off leaving just the PU hose end
  8. Re-fit the hose by pushing it up the end cap and through the Gritstop washer
  9. Connect the pole hose back up to the gooseneck connector & refit the gooseneck to the pole
  10. You are now ready to work
  11. We recommend renewing the washer every 5-7 working days
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