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DigiFlow - Combo TDS/Flow Meter & Alarm

DigiFlow - Combo TDS/Flow Meter & Alarm



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  • Allows for accurate Filter Change intervals by totaling flow rate through

  • Monitors and warns if TDS passes pre-set levels

  • Manual TDS / conductivity test

  • Automatic TDS / conductivity monitor

  • Flow rate indication & Flow totalization

  • 1” BSP connections

  • Display can be rotated 90 - 270° to have the correct orientation however it is mounted

  • Battery operated, low battery power alert



  • 1” BSP connection - to connect to John Guest use the 1" to 3/4" adapter and the 3/4" to 1/2" John Guest fitting - both shown below
  • 3 – 100 liter/min flow range
  •  Manual TDS/conductivity measuring, up to 1999 ppm or 1999 uS/cm
  • Automatic TDS/conductivity monitoring, maximum 990 ppm or 990 uS/cm
  • Red light blinking and alarm generated when TDS/conductivity value is over
  • Powered by 3 AAA alkaline batteries (included)
  • The batteries included with this product are provided for in-store demonstration and function checking purposes. It is possible that they may become weak or discharged prior to purchase. The customer may need to replace them with fresh cells to ensure proper operation.
  • Click here for operation manual

Technical Info

Basic Operation Instructions

TDS Reading - Monitoring

  • When first switched on the unit displays in the top left hand side the TDS alarm setting which is labelled limit (this can be adjusted with the S button)  - if not adjusted then this will remain at zero
  • To read the water TDS the following needs to be done -  the A button needs to be used. Press the A button once for a manual reading. This reading will display under the script PPM in the lower left side of the screen. If the alarm is set it will also beep and show a red LED if over the set limit or flash a green LED if under the limit. After displaying the current TDS reading for a few seconds the ppm display will go back to blank leaving only the TDS Alarm Limit figure showing
  • To use the Auto alarm TDS monitor setting press the A button twice and AUTO will display in the top middle of the screen. The unit will then test the water every 40 litres for its TDS level. It will then display the TDS level under the ppm script and will sound the alarm if over the limit. The ppm display will then display the last auto TDS reading permanently until the next automatic TDS reading is taken

Flow Meter

  • From new this is set to read in Litres - this can be adjusted when installing the batteries
  • The meter will automatically show the real time flow rate in litres per minute in the Right Side of the screen
  • Press the F button swicthes the display to show the flow totalization mode to show the accumulated flow volume - to reset back to zero press and hold the F button for four seconds

Rotate the Display

  • To rotate the dispaly undo the four screws holding the front cover in place - rotate disaply as required and fit the screws back in

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