Regarding: COVID-19 Gardiner Pole Systems precautions and update

To all our customers,

During this ever changing and evolving time of COVID-19, the health and security of our employees, customers and users of our products is our highest priority.

There will be some slight delay in order fulfilment to maintain compliance with full Government Health guidelines. We anticipate this adding no more than 24 hours to any order fulfilment process - this may change on a day by day basis depending on the latest situation.

As the situation is changing on a daily basis, we would like to make sure that our customers know the precautions we are taking.

At this point in time no employee within Gardiner Pole Systems (GPS) has been tested positive for COVID-19.

In addition to precautions outlined by WHO, such as extended personal hygiene measures, including hand washing and sanitising, GPS has taken the following precautions and actions, all to limit the risk of a possible contamination of COVID-19

  • All employees that can work from home are remote working at this point within the business.
  • All employees are non-contact temperature screened upon arrival each day and then directed to perform a full hand washing routine before being allowed to touch anything.
  • All employees are practising social distancing during the work day – 2 metres distance apart whilst working, no handshakes, hugs and physical contact are permitted
  • Critical visitors only are allowed entrance – if such a critical visitor is allowed entrance this is only after temperature screening has taken place and hand washing routine has been observed.
  • No customer collection of orders from the premises are allowed and no customer orders are being taken at the door.
  • The regular FedEx courier is temperature screened upon arrival and observed carrying out full hand washing before being allowed in the building and allowed to handle box trucks. Then 2 metres distance is maintained between him and all staff.
  • No contact with truck drivers from other external transportation companies is allowed
  • If any employee develops COVID-19 symptoms or who has a family-home member that has symptoms they will be sent home on paid leave for a 2-week quarantine period. A full disinfection procedure then will be carried out according to pre-arranged policy.

At this point in time, we are following our standard production and fulfilment plans. However, fulfilment of all orders will be delayed slightly as working to the 2 metres social distancing rules is preventing usual fulfilment speed.

As our current stock levels are sufficient for 2-3 months of normal sales, we are confident that we can meet our customers’ requirements moving forward.

Is there any risk of COVID-19 transmission via Gardiner products? Recent scientific studies, undertaken by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), have shown that COVID-19 survival on plastic & similar surfaces is relatively short (<72 hours). None of our products will be released from our warehouse within 72 hours of production. We also recommend that all products on arrival are either left unused in storage for 3 days or are cleaned and disinfected prior to use.

Please let us know if you have any special requirements for forthcoming orders or shipments or any other concerns or questions.

We will keep you informed on an ongoing basis.

Kind regards,

Alex Gardiner

Technical Director at Gardiner Pole Systems Ltd