To use the variable flow controller on the V3 Backpack, push the on/off switch to the “I” position and then turn on the unit using the flow control silver dial until the desired flow rate is reached. When desired flow rate is set, you can then switch on and off to this speed using just the on/off switch. For full flow rate push the switch to the “II” setting

The battery comes fully charged as standard. However, it is recommended that you charge the battery again until the green light on the charger illuminates. Charger will show RED led whilst charging and when battery is less than full.

To read the voltmeter: Turn the pump switch to the II setting -  when all three lights show, this indicates the backpack is fully charged; when just the red and yellow lights show, this indicates the backpack needs to be re-charged soon; when the red light only shows it indicates the backpack must be recharged immediately. Failure to do so and continuing to use the backpack in this battery state could damage the battery and shorten its lifespan. 

  • For prolonged battery life and to avoid battery cell damage it is best to keep the battery charged as often as possible, preferably after each use.
  • Only charge the unit using the supplied battery charger. Do not use a computer lead or similar.
  • If using with chemicals, always ensure that the unit is rinsed out fully and the pump and hose is flushed through for a few minutes with pure water before storage.