The recent publication of ground-breaking advice for window cleaners on reducing the risk of injury when using telescopic water-fed poles has been welcomed with open arms by the British Cleaning Council (BCC) and as a long established supplier of these much loved products, we are also grateful for the advice.  As with many physical professions, making sure our customers are working safely is vitally important to us.  Here, one of our long-standing professional window cleaning customers, Roland Nagy tells us why he loves using our products…

As the owner of a professional window cleaning company, having the right equipment is absolutely essential to my productivity, health and safety, as well as my wallet.   I've been using CLX 27 Carbon Composite Poles for cleaning the windows of smaller properties since I started my business six years ago and during this time I have only needed to change a couple of extension parts once.  Considering I use the poles all day, every day this is nothing short of a miracle!  For taller buildings I use SLX 47 Carbon Fibre Poles, so far I haven't needed to change any of the parts and probably won't need to do so for another couple of years.  

The water-fed pole cleaning technology allows me to greater access to more windows with no need for ladders and therefore, minimal risk.   The poles are so light and smooth to operate and I can relax knowing I am doing all I can to limit the possible effects of repetitive strain injury, muscular injury or other work related wear and tear on my body.

Lastly, working efficiently and productively ensures my business continues to be as profitable as possible.  The lightweight, rigid poles allow me to work with maximum speed and efficiency which has undoubtedly allowed me to complete more work within a shorter time frame. 

The quality of the Gardiner products is well worth the investment and now I've used them, very much doubt I would ever switch to another brand. 

Roland Nagy, Founder of Red Point Cleaning Services, South London

December 2019