Many of you may know that the courier service FedEx UK has recently been taken over by FedEx US and at the same time FedEx US has also taken over TNT in the UK. They are slowly integrating various systems at each TNT depot and adjusting the related FedEx depot around the UK.  You may have also noticed as one of our customers that this has led to a decrease in the current quality of their deliveries and we understand that some of you have been affected adversely.  We are actively monitoring the service FedEx are paid to provide.  We have been assured by FedEx that their overall service will continue to improve over the next few months as the integration of various systems are completed.  Because of the type of products we produce and deliver (long length boxes) we cannot use another delivery firm due to general policies on overlarge freight although we are constantly revisiting our options and investigating other courier firms to see if this changes. Thank you for your patience while FedEx complete their integration.