WFP Glossary

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A Glossary of Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Terms

Pole Maintenance

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This section will help you maintain your Water-Fed Pole to get the best from it during its life.

Legionnaires Disease & WFP

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What are the risks of Legionnaires Disease when storing pure water?

Simple overview guide to maintaining key components in your WFP system and their expected lifespan.

This section provides a basic overview guide on installing a DIY WFP system.

This section provides a comprehensive list of parts for setting up a typical WFP system on a DIY basis. It is not a recommendation to carry out a DIY installation though, as we would always recommend using a qualified professional to install a crash-test certificated system such as the Grippatank range.

There are many choices to be made when setting up your first Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System. This information is aimed to help you make these decisions a little more easily.

This post highlights the 3 main advanatges for using a Water Fed Pole System to clean windows

Water-Fed Pole Window-Cleaning Basic Operating Instructions

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