Professional Grade Hose Reels

GrippaReel - Manual & Electric Hose Reels

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  • Fixed floor mounted reel which can be easily removed without tools within seconds!
  • Stackable as standard - no additional racking required. Using the revolutionary StakaReel technology as standard, the reels simply slot on top of each other, giving you much needed space on demand
  • Built from a combination of high-quality steel and polyethylene it’s not only strong and durable but lightweight and easy to handle
  • Available as either hand cranked, geared hand cranked or electric versions, the GH-VS1 range can be used for low pressure (up to 300psi) with ½” 50 metre hose and 100 metres of 8mm or 6mm hose.
  • The chainless electric motor has been specifically concealed as part of the core product design, making it safer, more effective and efficient
  • Electric reels come with the option of a remote control or wired control system
  • Easily Serviceable - all parts can be easily replaced on site
  • Upgradeable - as with all GrippaTank products, these hose reels can be updated (to include roller guides) or converted to electric at a later date
  • 445mm High x 400mm Deep and 350mm Wide (600mm with handle and plumbing)
  • Electric reels fitted as standard with Safety shutoff in keeping with the Working Machinery act.
  • Electric reels supplied with 5 metres of positive and negative cable along with conduit and fuse holder, and are designed to be VERY low on power consumpation with a maximum draw of 3 - 4 amps   -  just connect the pos and neg feeds to your existing battery.
  • Tests have been carried out to warrant this product for 2 years (return to base warranty)

Full Pricing

Manual Reel in Blue or Black = £179.95

Electric Reel in Blue or Black = £514.90

Add Remote to Electric Reel + £80.

Add Stainless Steel chassis to the above +£90

Add Landscape Full Width Roller +£44.95

Add Quick Release Removable Base +£29.95



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  1. Reel

    By Kev July 02, 2018

    Well worth paying the extra to manual price. Different speeds are great.

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