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Gardiner Ultimate™ High-Reach Pole 74


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  • Ultimate Rigidity & Ease of Use when working at serious heights

  • 79ft Reach Height - 74ft Actual Length

  • 14 sections - 5.8kg

  • Closed Length - 2.2m

  • Comes complete with Control Bars - these require self-assembly and fitting

  • High Modulus Carbon Fibre & Kevlar Fully Telescopic Pole

  • Featuring the Patented Gardiner Smart Clamps - Patent Serial Number GB2512390

  • Base Handle Section (#14), #9 & #7 have Outer Insulated Layer for Safety - has been tested to resist up to 5,000v with an average resistance of 3.2 GΩ

  • Comes Complete with FREE Super-Lite Brush, Quick-LoQ Gooseneck*, 'All Season' Pole Hose & Connector

  • Fully Telescopic from 46ft to 74ft with Extender Packs (Reach 50ft - 78ft)

  • Fully Telescopic Extender Packs Feature new Quick-Release Control-Bar System for greater control and safety at height

  • Click Here for the full Pole Range Specification Chart

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Our most Rigid High-Reach Pole - Designed for the Professional working at height

9-14 Section Ultra High Modulus Telescopic Pole with Extender top section, adjustable QuicK-LoQ gooseneck* and choice of free brush***

  • Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fibre/Kevlar Mix Telescopic Pole
  • The most rigid high-reach 'fully telescopic' pole on the Planet!
  • Top section can be removed and replaced with adapter to further increase the rigidity if needed
  • Can be 'broken-down' to a 6 or 7 section pole with insulated handle to maximise the use of the investment
  • Reduce 'lost energy' and 'lack of control' when working at heights up to 78 ft
  • Increase productivity, speed & control on the job


*or instead, upgrade to selection of goosenecks as shown in drop down box

**please note that if no hose is selected then no connector will be sent, even if selected

***please note that if no brush is selected then no jets will be sent, even if selected

****The 4 jet options apply only for 35cm and 45cm wide brushes.  If the 4 jet option is selected for a standard width brush, this will automatically be reduced to 2 jets and no refund issued for the extra 2 jets selected.

Technical Info

If you regularly work at heights from 46-79ft then the Gardiner Ultimate High-Reach has been designed for you.

  • Light weight - constructed using ultra high modulus carbon fibre technology - with Carbon/Kevlar composite construction
  • The most rigid high level professional fully telescopic pole on the planet!
  • Featuring the Patented Gardiner Smart Clamps - Patent Serial Number GB2512390
  • Robust Thermoplastic & Fibre Glass Reinforced Clamps and Levers
  • Smart Clamps Protected under UK, US, European & Chinese Utility Patents

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1 customer reviews

  1. My new favorite pole

    By Michael - AllPro June 20, 2016

    Just got this for a 78' building. I have to say I am very happy with it. I used to do this building with the super-lite modular pole with 3 extra extensions. While the modular is lighter, I found the Ultimate pole to so much stiffer that I was able to work faster, even with the breaks to rest my arms. The ultimate is heavier but the saving in time and controllability, especially with the control bars is very much worth the trade off in weight. The building is over 350' long on two sides and 150' on the ends, all glass (average of about 1200 pieces of glass per long side). It normally took me 8 hours to get one of the long sides done. Now with this pole I was able to get it done in 5.5 hours. It is most defiantly stiffer than the modular or the super-lite extreme poles (I even have a Reach-it pole). This Ultimate pole is the best pole I have ever used. I do recommend the control bars, they make controlling the pole so much easier almost making it seem lighter. I will be getting the bars for the lower sections and a few supreme brushes to top things off.
    If you only buy one pole this is the one to get, nothing out there compare to it. I have many other poles by other makers. None have ever compared to Gardiner’s poles….NONE.
    Michael - AllPro Window & Awning, USA

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