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CLX 10


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  • 3 Section Telescopic Carbon-Composite Pole

  • Featuring the Patented Gardiner Smart Clamps

  • Comes Complete with FREE 'All Season' Pole Hose, Connector and QuicK-LoQ Gooseneck*

  • 50% Carbon Fibre Content in Extending Sections

  • Working Reach: 15ft

  • Click Here for the full Pole Range Specification Chart

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CLX 10 - 3 section telescopic carbon-composite pole

Comes complete with FREE 'All Season' Pole Hose, QuicK-LoQ Gooseneck* and Connector**

  • 50% Carbon Fibre Content in Extending Sections
  • Extended Length - 3.08m
  • Closed Length - 1.14m
  • Weight - 620g
  • Handle Diameter - 28mm
  • Insulated Handle Section is made from non-conductive Fibre Glass and is suitable for resisting up to 15,000v
  • Featuring the Patented Gardiner Smart Clamps - Patent Numbers - UK - GB2512390, Europe - SP2784335, China - ZL201310301256.1
  • Click Here to view the Telescopic Pole User Guide .pdf - Please read before using these poles


*or instead, upgrade to selection of goosenecks as shown in drop down box

**please note that if no hose is selected then no connector will be sent, even if selected

***please note that if no brush is selected then no jets will be sent, even if selected

****The 4 jet options apply only for 35cm and 45cm wide brushes.  If the 4 jet option is selected for a standard width brush, this will automatically be reduced to 2 jets and no refund issued for the extra 2 jets selected.

Technical Info

CLX 10 Carbon-Composite Pole

  • Section Material - 50/50 Carbon Fibre/Glass Fibre on all extending sections
  • Clamp Material - Dupont-Zytel® thermoplastic reinforced nylon
  • Insulated matt finish handle section
  • Top of pole has a No.1 size Gardiner Smart Clamp to connect to the Gardiner QuicK-LoQ gooseneck system

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1 customer reviews

  1. CLX Pole

    By Alex Redworth November 28, 2015

    I have been window cleaning now for 3 years and I first came in to contact with the CLX 22 pole 2 years ago.

    Since then I have not turned back. The CLX is used as my everyday pole as it's light weight durable and long lasting.

    I also have the SLX 25 which I use for higher up windows and skylights etc. But for the every day pole the CLX is for me.
    I like the fact that its nice, light and springy so when you're working it really does speed things up when rinsing and scrubbing on and off windows. As I suffer with bad shoulders the CLX really does make things so much lighter.
    It's not as stressful on the body as larger poles, it's really great for your everyday domestic work.

    I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the poles were delivered the next day.
    I love opening my Gardiner packages it's like Christmas every time I make an order.
    I now have the CLX 10, CLX 18, CLX 22 and SLX 25.

    The reason I go for the CLX pole time and time again is how light weight and easy it is to use.

    Also they are great value for your money. If you're just getting into window cleaning and you're on a tight budget or you want an extra few poles it doesn't break the bank buying a CLX and they really do work very well indeed.

    I have recommended to friends and they also have ordered and love the CLX and SLX poles.

    Kind Regards

    P.S don't delay get yourself a quality pole you wont be disappointed

    Alex Redworth
    Al's Window cleaning

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