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Angle Adapter (Type 1) Gooseneck with Swivel Brush Socket - Standard Length


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  • Plastic adjustable angle adapter standard length gooseneck with swivel brush socket for quick release poles

  • If being bought separately from a pole will ideally need a length of gooseneck hose and connector purchasing - see related products



  • Gardiner plastic adjustable angle adapter gooseneck with swivel brush socket
  • For Quick-Release poles, ie, poles with a No.1 Clamp fitted to top section
  • Fits directly on to any Gardiner brush
  • Maintenance recommendation: remove from pole every 2-3 months and clean connecting surfaces

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1 customer reviews

  1. Swivel Brush Socket

    By Stephen August 08, 2017

    This swivel brush socket puts the pivot nearer the brush than the swivel gooseneck so it is easier to control.

    If you have used or thought about the Wagtail or Constructor brush you will love this.

    It also works fine with the Gardiner gooseneck valve. Just swap out the end of a standard gooseneck at the angle adjuster fixing.

    Unscrew the two screws off the Quickloq head and refit the swivel brush fixing. Then loosen the swivel brush socket bolt a little (it won't work loose), so there is a little less resistance than the gooseneck valve. Simply lay the brush head on a sill to turn water on or off. A swivel action is so much more relaxing than scrubbing up and down. Brings a little nostalgia from applicator and squeegee days too :-)

    Just gently twist the pole to fan the window like a squeegee. When ready to turn the water off, lay the brush on a sill and give a firmer twist.

    Thanks again to the Gardiner family

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