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Xtreme™ Brush - Medium-Mixed with Natural Hybrid Bristles


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  • Ultra Lightweight Brush

  • Dual Trim

  • Outer Medium Synthetic Bristles

  • Inner Soft Natural Bristles for extra cleaning power

  • Weighs 95g

  • Suitable for use with water temperatures up to 30°C

  • "our best cleaning Xtreme brush so far..."

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Simple Brush Guide:

    • Dual Trim - inner bristles are a shorter length - allows for easy splay
    • Medium-Soft Bristles
    • Natural Bristles on inner bristles give excellent cleaning power for all round window cleaning
    • Fast action on the glass
    • Suitable for rinsing on the glass
    • Weight = 95g (bare)
    • Width = 260mm
    • These brushes feature four jet holes to allow fitment of multiple choices of jets, ie, 2 fan jets or 2 pencil jets
    • Suitable for use with water temperatures up to 30°C

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2 customer reviews

  1. Great all rounder everyday brush!

    By Robert September 13, 2018

    I use a range of Gardiner brushes, but have just re-ordered and another Xtreme medium mix brush, as it seems to perform great on all types of windows and is so light that you hardly notice the brush is on the end of the pole!

  2. Best brush for day in day out work.

    By Jake March 12, 2017

    This new Xtreme is absolutely brilliant, the combination of the lightweight Xtreme brush with the natural bristles makes cleaning 4-6 weekly work a breeze. The natural inner bristles make light work of snail trails etc. It's the best Xtreme brush for first cleans as well, due to the inner bristles scrubbing power. The perfect brush for regular work!

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