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  • New DuPont™ Nylon outer bristles with Natural Fibre inner bristles

  • Superior Cleaning and Improved Feel on the Glass

  • Ultimate balance between weight, coverage & durability

  • Designed to sit between the Xtreme and the Super-Lite brush ranges for weight, with the coverage of the Super-Lite

  • Increased longevity compared to an Xtreme brush

  • Designed to complement the Ultimate pole with light weight for high level work with good coverage and excellent cleaning results

  • Dual Trim DuPont™ Nylon and Natural Bristles with a Medium Stiffness - great for all-round cleaning and longevity

  • Weighs 175g

  • Suitable for use with water temperatures up to 45˚C

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Simple Brush Guide:

  • Dual Trim, Medium feel on glass with direct cleaning action
  • DuPont™ Nylon and Natural Inner Bristles provides improved feel on the glass and Superior Cleaning action
  • Weight = 175g
  • Width = 260mm
  • All brushes feature four jet holes to allow fitment of choice of jets, ie, 2 x fan jets and 2 x pencil jets
  • Suitable for use with water temperatures up to 45°C
  • Please note that with these Dupont bristles it is important to store the bristle so that they are not under weight during storage - such as pressed against the floor/roof of a van overnight.

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4 customer reviews

  1. Ultimate DuPont™ Nylon outer bristles with Natural Fibre inner bristles

    By Ben August 06, 2018

    I tried so many brushes, this one is far the best one. Great scrubbing power and perfect weight, Love it!

  2. Ultimate 74

    By Michael June 27, 2018

    I have used the pole since spring 2016 (one of the original 5 in the world, first in USA). I actually use this pole at 74' on a 78' building. I previously used the super-lite modular with 3 extra sections. The Ultimate is so much stiffer it actually allowed me to work faster and have better control, specially in windy conditions. I also got the control handles for the #14 section. What a difference they make they make the pole feel lighter and increase control even more. The building is next to a very busy expressway. That building has a slope on the side facing the expressway. Measures 350' long, 78' high and all large panel glass. It used to take me better part of the day to clean it with the super-lite modular w/3 extra sections. Now I complete that side in half the time using the Ultimate 74, control handles and DuPont hybrid bristle brush. The building manager still cant believe how fast the building gets cleaned. He said I do it faster then the guys hanging from ropes and squeegees ever did it, and I just keep getting faster and faster. I've been doing this building 8 years now. The competition can't even compete on speed, quality and price.

  3. Ultimate brush DuPont hybrid bristles

    By Michael June 27, 2018

    I have two of these brushes with different pencil jets and fan jets installed. This brush is GREAT! I have been trying to use various combination brushes with hogs hair/nylon bristles. Always wishing I could put my original tucker brushes on my Gardiner poles. Now with this DuPont bristle brush. I have the perfect brush now. scrubs like a Tucker, light as a Gardiner, and with the 100 Deg. fan spray, It rinses perfectly. I was trying to use the Future of Window Cleaning constructor "Beast" brush. This Gardiner brush clean better, rinses better and best of all its much lighter!!!
    Get this brush, your working speed will be faster and your shoulders will thank you !!!!!

  4. DuPont™ Nylon outer bristles with Natural Fibre inner bristles

    By Philip April 28, 2018

    Very pleased with my two Dupont bristle brushes, great splay/feel with good scrubbing power with no weight disadvantages. It's normal when you get a new brush they work well but these seem exceptional. Will be my "go to" brush for maintenance cleans from now on.

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