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Sill Brush 24cm - Single Trim - Flocked


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  • Great for first cleans, leaded, gutters, soffits & conservatory roofs - 225g

  • Single Trim - 'Soft' feel

  • Bristles - Flocked

  • Suitable for use with water temperatures up to 45°C

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Sill – Our original lightweight Radius Sill brush. Allows glass and sill to be cleaned by one brush. Also popular for Soffits, Facias, Gutters and Conservatory Roofs.

  • Single Trim - all bristles the same length - Soft feel on the glass
  • Soft Bristles
  • Excellent cleaning power for first cleans, leaded, gutters, soffits & conservatory roofs
  • Best for rinsing off the glass
  • Weight = 225g (bare brush stock)
  • Width = 24cm - 9"
  • Suitable for use with water temperatures up to 45°C
  • If using with wide fanjets it may be necessary to trim surrounding inner bristles to allow fan to jet sideways fully
  • Patent Office Registered Design No. 4020749
  • Six month manufacturing defect warranty

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1 customer reviews

  1. Sill brush 24cm flocked

    By Alan November 11, 2019

    I purchased the flocked 24cm Sill Brush mainly for using on leaded windows and for a while I only used it on leaded. Then on one first clean, which was a house that hadn't been cleaned for three years, I decided to try it.
    So... On leaded it is superb, it's gentle and you don't have to apply much pressure for it to clean those fragile leaded windows, but it still cleans very well, lifting the dirt etc from the glass.
    However, as I said above, I tried it on a first clean, very dirty frames and glass, with vents that had long before seen a brush. This brush was amazing, it cleaned so well, removing everything in its path. It was very efficient at cleaning above the window frames and for gently cleaning the vents, but I couldn't believe how well it removed the tough algae stains and heavy dirt deposits on the lower frames and sills, it just seemed to effortlessly clean. The softer bristles seem to flick less dirt whilst scrubbing harder as well. I now use this brush as my main choice, and it has added a significant increase in cleaning efficiency and standards overall, the flocked bristles just seem to get in everywhere.
    The only point I'd raise as a negative, is when cleaning boxed in windows or windows set in the wall etc, you have to be careful not to bang the side of the brush on them, but that said, I use the sill brushes with side bristles as well that stop this happening, so I just have to adapt.
    I find it an extremely effective and efficient brush, offering great value for the money it costs.

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