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Super-Lite® 26cm Brush - DuPont™

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  • The Original Gardiner brush range - now with all DuPont Bristles & Lighter Weight - 210g

  • Dual Trim - 'Medium' feel - slightly shorter bristles

  • Bristles - Inner & Outer Medium DuPont Nylon

  • Suitable for use with water temperatures up to 45°C

  • Click here for our Brush Guide pages

  • If using fanjets, some bristles may need trimming to allow full spray width

  • With Jet-Capsule jet system - comes with choice of jet types

  • Comes with 1 pair of jet capsules in the price

  • Supplied with T Connector & Jet Hose if jets selected

  • Please note that this brush is only compatible with Jet Capsules - not previous design jets

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Super-Lite® – A full DuPont bristled brush for Excellent Cleaning Power - this version has shorter more direct bristle length. Excellent all-rounder with good longevity & glass coverage.

  • Dual Trim - inner bristles are a slightly shorter length - allows for easy splay
  • Medium DuPont Bristles
  • Suitable for rinsing on the glass
  • Weight = 210g (bare brush stock)
  • Width = 26cm - 10"
  • Suitable for use with water temperatures up to 45°C
  • Features the new Gardiner Jet Capsule System
  • Comes with 1 set of jet capsules in the price
  • If using with wide fanjets it may be necessary to trim surrounding inner bristles to allow fan to jet sideways fully
  • If using this brush on a pole with a Swivel Gooseneck  - you will need to pull out a little more of the gooseneck hose from the gooseneck and put an O-Clip around it so that it doesn’t pull back through the gooseneck and impede the swivel action, this will also prevent damage to the Jet Capsule
  • If using this brush on a pole equipped with a pull on/off internal flow valve, such as a Univalve  - you will need to have a hose clip or similar fitted above the gooseneck to prevent the gooseneck hose being pulled back into the pole which would tug on the jets and could lead to damage of the jets with long term use. Such damage would not be covered under warranty
  • Six month manufacturing defect warranty

What some of our Testers have said about this new brush:

  • "I was just wondering when you will be releasing the new super lite brushes? The one I tested? I want to get a few for my other poles. I liked it that much I want it to be the only brush I use on all my poles, I used it on a massive upvc and conservatory clean today and it was amazing! "
  • "the cleaning power is absolutely brilliant! I have used the brush on fascias and soffits as well as regular cleaning, the brush head just scrubs any engrained dirt away very easily and equipped with the fan jets, you can just blast the dirt away after rinsing. For using the brush every day on regular windows the brush is also a joy to work with.......On first cleans, the brush is very good at cleaning very dirty frames and glass to get a perfect finish.
    I would recommend this brush to anyone thinking of buying a pole from you or just a new brush head, I am very impressed with the performance and will be my choice of brush head for the future if you decide to release it."
  • " the new brush is just about the most perfect brush I've ever had the pleasure of working with.....taking the brush guide on the website as a template, I'm actually inclined to give it 3 stars/dots on the entire range. From the filthiest one jobs to the regular jobs where I can really speed up, it's really tackled it all beautifully....."
  • "It is an incredibly fast brush on the glass, but at no point have I noticed a decrease in cleaning power, in fact, the opposite is true, it's much more effective then any brush I've used over the last 10 years. And that takes some doing....."
  • "It glides supremely well, whilst still really attacking more stubborn dirt. Just an example, I've got a job with about an hours worth of south facing, 9 feet panels of self cleaning glass, which I'd say is actually one of the toughest jobs. It gets bombarded with insect droppings, which bake onto the glass in the sun. Self cleaning or not, they are incredibly tough to shift, even with very hot water. But this brush is by far the most effective of any brush I've used. It takes far fewer passes then any other brush I've used. The inner trim really seems to dig into the spots without slowing you down. Great for Velux too as they collect everything under the sun......Durability so far has to be one of the main selling features. I've used almost solely with hot water, 65c from the boiler so still very hot. There doesn't seem to be any deformation going on like the hybrid, and I've actually left it laying against things whilst hot. It seems very resilient to the abuse I give it on a daily basis."

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