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Guide to using Gardiner Brushes with Hot Water

More & more water-fed pole window cleaners are using heated systems for their work. We often get asked about the suitability of our brushes for use with hot water systems.

  • Whilst all of our bristles can technically resist hot water up to 80°C the softer bristle brushes will deform if used with water that is too hot for them, as combined with the pressure of use it will make them flatten as the bristles become softer when hot.

  • If using a brush with hot water then it may be worth choosing a bristle type that is one bristle version stiffer than you like using with cold water. This will give you a similar 'feel' on the glass when using hot water. For instance if you currently like using a Medium Bristle brush then for use with 50°C water you would need to choose the stiff bristle version to achieve the same 'feel' on the glass.

  • Particularly in colder weather it is worth remembering not to turn the water heat up too much as this can result in cracked windows. As a general guide in warmer months the average 'at the brush' temperature range would be 30-60°C, but in the colder months 30-45°C would be sufficient for most work.

  • It is worth noting that if, with extended use, the bristles start to 'flatten out' with hot water it will be because of the following:

  1. It has exceeded the temperature range of the bristle type, or

  2. The brush has been used with excessive force for the bristles in combination with hot water.

  • Bristles that have 'flattened' out like this can be 're-set' by submersing just the bristles (but not the stock) in near boiling water for 10 to 20 seconds. This will return the bristles to their original shape. They can then be left to cool with bristles facing up and can be used again as normal when cool.



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