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Super-Lite® 100° Wide Fan Jets x2


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  • New wider 100° spray pattern

  • Simple push-fit

  • Lightweight - only 1g

  • Low profile

  • Not suitable for use with Jet Capsule Brushes - Universal 26cm and 35cm Medium-Soft




  • Fits any Super-Lite® Brush (inc Sill brush)
  • 100° wide spray pattern
  • Simple push-fit - uses standard jet holes
  • Non-scratch tough GFRN material - supplied in Black
  • Low profile - will not affect bristle contact with the glass
  • Recommended set-up - 100psi pump set between 40-60% on flow controller
  • Some brushes may need inner bristles trimming to allow for the full fanjet spray pattern to work
  • 6 Month manufacturing defect warranty

Technical Info

  • Super-Lite 100° Wide Fanjets
  • Simply push-fit into the standard jet holes on the brush
  • Lightweight just 1g
  • Low profile - will not affect bristle contact with the glass
  • Patent Office Design Registered No. 4021431

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5 customer reviews

  1. Pros and Cons..

    By Neil D January 13, 2019

    As stated by others the huge advantage of these is water usage efficiency because they really do perform at low pressure. However the wider arc of water released can often be interfered with by the bristles of your brush. Even a single rogue bristle can spoil the show. So for these to perform perfectly they'd either need a slightly longer nose protrusion which would clear the bristles, (obvious drawback of vulnerability)...Or a reduction of bristles on brush head at the points of interference!

  2. Excellent but just a heads up!

    By Spam December 24, 2018

    Love the 100° fan jest but just a heads up to anyone who uses a univalve that said jets are easy to snap. I snapped mine after a day of use due to pulling on the hose. You can use an o clip to solve this problem. Don't know if it's possible but might be a good idea to make brass fan jets.

  3. Efficient but delicate!

    By Viking Dan October 05, 2018

    Took a bit of getting used to rinsing off the windows with the fan jets, but they are super efficient, cut down my water use.
    Unfortunately I’m not sure how but one snapped in half within the brush tubing within a few weeks!
    So be gentle with them as they are not as hardy as the brass ones.

  4. 100 degrees ... Hot product

    By Stephen January 23, 2018

    Greatly reduced water usage with backpack. With rinse bar, excellent on hydrophobic glass.

  5. The BEST Jets EVER

    By Joao Domingos December 18, 2017

    I have been using these fan jets for a few weeks now and they are amazing! The BEST ones I ever Alex shows on the video even in low pressure they perform amazingly well. A great design...saves time on rinsing...and saves on your water too. Well done!

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