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26cm Brush Bumper


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  • Fits all standard size (26cm) Super-Lite, Ultimate & Xtreme (non-Sill) Brushes

  • Fitted and removed in seconds

  • Weight 35g



  • White Rubber Brush Bumper
  • Protects the stock edges of a standard size (26cm) Super-Lite®, Ultimate or Xtreme™ brush, especially useful on historic or delicate windows
  • Prevents stock edge wear for use on masonry window reveals
  • Fits all standard Super-Lite, Compact, Ultimate & Xtreme brushes (not old Xtreme, Sill or Wide Xtreme)
  • Fitted and removed in seconds - will need to be stretched to fit brush.  To make fitting easier, dip in hot water
  • Can be glued on if required
  • Weight 35g
  • Please note: Does not include the brush it is shown fitted to

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4 customer reviews

  1. Wouldn’t be without one

    By MicRos November 03, 2019

    Used the brush bumpers on and off over the years. It’s only now that I truly appreciate what a very useful addition to the brush it is. I feel I clean windows and frames so much better, in the knowledge the brush has the protection of the bumper.

  2. Ok

    By Jeremy June 21, 2018

    It's was great for the first few weeks but beginning to go at the corners. Would have expected it to last a little longer. I've found that some carefully placed duck tape has given the corners the extra padding and protected the bumper. I'd probably buy another one for future brushes but would pad it out a bit before using it first time.

  3. Superb Product

    By SB April 20, 2015

    Best poles and brushes on the market – you are also the only company on the planet that sell brush bumpers, great stuff. I’ve been looking for them for an age – superb products.

  4. Brush Bumper

    By Scott February 12, 2015

    This product is a brilliant idea for protecting your customers windows & property from damage showing that you do care if a customer asks you about damage. I have showed it to a worried customer " look I have a rubber bumper so there will be no damage". As far as I can see Gardiner are the only company that offer this type of product on the market today. My only slight issue would be that they are a little to thin & could be thicker or padded out on the sides & corners as this is were all the wear & tear is going to be, still 6 months + on they are still working well! 9/10

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