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Jet Capsules - Quick Release Jets for Brushes


Jet Capsules - Quick Release Jets for Brushes


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  • Quick release 'Jet Capsules' for Gardiner Brushes

  • Innovative & Unique Registered Design

  • Can be fitted, removed & swapped over in seconds

  • John Guest push-fit tube connections for reliable jet hose fitting - uses our standard 6mm jet hose

  • Flush fitting on bristle face - Non-catch design

  • Lightweight construction only 2g per jet

  • Colour coded to allow for quick jet identification when fitted to the brush

  • 5 Jet Versions - 1.4mm, 2mm & 3mm Pencil Jets, 50° & 100° Fanjet

  • Can be fitted by hand, pliers  or using the Gardiner Widget Multi-tool

  • Low profile when fitted to back of brush - prevents accidental damage

  • Can only be used on a Gardiner Jet Capsule Moulded brush

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5 Jet Types

  • Black - 2mm Pencil Jets - the standard jet for the majority of professional users
  • Red - 50° Fanjet - medium width fan spray pattern - offers a blend between pencil and fan jet on low flow rates
  • Grey - 100° Fanjet - wide fan spray pattern
  • Green - 3mm Pencil Jets - twice the standard flow rate - for those with high water flow needs
  • Blue - 1.4mm Pencil Jets - half flow rate jets - useful if using four jets on a wider 35cm/45cm brushes
Points to note
  • If using the Fanjet versions - some brushes may need inner bristles trimming to allow for the full fanjet spray pattern to work
  • If using these jets with a pole equipped with a pull on/off internal flow valve - you will need to have a gooseneck hose clip fitted above the gooseneck to prevent the gooseneck hose being pulled back into the pole which would tug on these jets and could lead to damage of the jet with long term use.
  • 6 month manufacturing defect warranty
  • Can only be used on brushes with the Jet Capsule moulded jet holes - Click Here to view these Jet Capsule brushes
  • UKIPO Registered Design NO.6060372

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  1. Jet Capsules

    By Bob August 22, 2019

    Have been using the fan jets for a few days and decided to switch to 3mm pencil, cannot believe how easy it was to change, great idea.

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