Reverse Osmosis Membranes


AXEON HF5 4040 40" RO Membrane - DISCONTINUED



  • Commercial AXEON HF5 Ultra Low-Pressure 4040 40" Membrane
  • Optimum Input Water Pressure range is 50-100PSI (3.4-7 BAR)
  • Suitable for low water temperature inputs below 10°C & generally lower pressure than the HF4 RO Membranes
  • Average Rejection ratio - 97% (200ppm down to 6ppm with input water at 100psi and 25°C input water temperature)
  • Recommended waste water ratios (product:waste) - 1:1.5 under 100ppm, 1:2 100-250ppm, 1:3 250-400ppm
  • Nominal 3,000gpd rating - Real world will produce from 2000-5000 litres per 24 hour day
  • Click here for Technical Data Sheet

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