Gardiner Pure Water Backpack V3 - 22 litre

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The Gardiner Pole Systems backpack - Version 3

Our most popular and reliable backpack to date.

The perfect complement to a van-mount system - ideal for awkward access areas.

  • Larger Capacity - 22.75 litre maximum capacity (20 litres to measured line - 22.75 litres when full)
  • Moulded Handle - more secure carrying
  • Larger Battery Capacity - Sealed 12v 12AH battery - comes complete with charger 
  • Pump & Controller - 12v powerful, compact and quiet 60psi pump - Variable Flow rate from 1.0lpm to 2.3lpm
  • Santoprene pump seals and diaphragm - high resistance to wide range of chemicals
  • Long Lasting - up to 9 hours pumping from each charge
  • Voltage indicator gauge
  • Removable backpack straps
  • 1.5m flexible orange outlet hose - Fits 8mm Barb Fittings
  • 8KG Dry Weight
  • H 56cm x W 33cm x D19cm



Please Note: 

240v power leads (such as kettle and computer leads) are not compatible with this backpack for charging and will destroy the unit if used

Only a blade fuse between 3 and 10 amps must be used with this backpack.  Using a different amp blade fuse will invalidate the warranty on the backpack 

The backpack is warrantied for use with water only - due to health and safety reasons no warranty returns will be accepted if the backpack has been used with any chemicals (except products such as TFR)

Any unauthorized modification to this unit will invalidate the warranty on the backpack

  • 1 year warranty on tank etc.
  • 6 month warranty on pump and flow controller in standard WFP use
  • Pump not warrantied if used with extension hose longer than 20m (not including pole hose length)
  • 3 month warranty on battery
  • Recommended battery care: fully charge at least once a month
  • Backpack pump 60psi
  • For H&S reasons we do not recommend working a full day with a backpack on your back. Rest frequently and schedule changes in work routine during the day.
  • For H&S reasons we do not recommend carrying these on your back if you have any history of back injury or damage. A trolley can be used to carry them instead. 
  • Please note that we only ship these items to Mainland UK & Highlands - We will not ship them to NI or Eire (Please see the link to our Irish distributor if buying in these regions)
  • For a Basic Backpack Troubleshooting Guide please click here
  • Click here to view a Wiring Diagram for the Backpack



To use the variable flow controller on the V3 Backpack, push the on/off switch to the upper “ON” (I) position and then turn on the unit using the flow control silver dial until the desired flow rate is reached. When desired flow rate is set, you can then switch on and off to this speed using just the on/off switch. For full flow rate push the switch to the lower “ON” (II) setting.


The battery comes charged as standard. However, it is recommended that you charge the battery again until the green LED on the charger illuminates. The battery charger will show a red LED whilst charging and when battery is less than full.


To read the backpack voltmeter: Turn the pump switch to the lower “ON” (II) setting -  when the green light shows, this indicates the backpack is fully charged; when just the yellow light (or red light) shows it indicates the backpack needs re-charging. Failure to do so and continuing to use the backpack in this battery state could damage the battery and shorten its lifespan. 


  • For prolonged battery life and to avoid battery cell damage it is best to keep the battery charged as often as possible, preferably after each use.
  • Only charge the unit using the supplied battery charger. Do not use a computer lead or similar.
  • If using with chemicals, always ensure that the unit is rinsed out fully and the pump and hose is flushed through for a few minutes with pure water before storage
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