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Replacement pump for the V3 Gardiner Pure Water Backpack

  • 2200rpm
  • 12v

Please see 'Technical Info' tab for instructions on fitting this to an older V1 & V2 backpack

6 Month warranty - when fitted to a Gardiner V3 backpack

Technical Info

This pump is a direct replacement for the pump fitted to the V3 Backpack.

Please note, this item is only warrantied for use in a Gardiner V3 backpack.

It can also be fitted to the older V1 & V2 backpack with the use of a few extra parts - please see below for instructions on how to use this pump in a V1 & V2 backpack:


Extra parts needed to fit this item to a V1 & V2 backpack:

Instructions for fitting this item to a V1 & V2 backpack:

  1. Remove the old pump and chop through the feed wires
  2. Attach the short length of Minibore to the inlet on the new pump and fix with a jubilee clip
  3. Attach the inline bore adapter to this Minibore hose and attach with a jubilee clip
  4. Cut off the yellow end connector and insert from the hose from the tank to the pump
  5. Attach the smaller end of the inline bore adapter to this hose from the tank
  6. Take the backpack hose (clear hose from the outside of the backpack), cut off the screw nut and the insert from the hose
  7. Feed this end of the hose through the hole in the side of the backpack and connect to the outlet on the pump and fix with a  jubilee clip
  8. Mount the pump back in the correct position in the base of the backpack and use the two mounting feet to fix it to the plastic base
  9. Using the crimp 3M connectors connect the feed wires to the pump wires - strip about 1cm of the cable sheath off each wire before inserting in the connector and crimping down
  10. Re-assemble the backpack

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