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Digital Liquid Logic® V11 Pump Flow Controller


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  • Control your Water Delivery Pump with Digital Accuracy

  • Set exact flow rate required - unit remembers this for each use

  • Set exact shut-off pressure desired - saves battery and over-pressuring the reel hose

  • Low battery voltage alert



  • Liquid Logic® brings a new level of quality and robustness to controllers
  • Protects itself with new Logic-Safe software against over-current situations, such as pump failure and power spikes
  • Cuts resin use to a minimum by giving the operator fine control over flow rates
  • Extends the life of resin cartridges
  • Controls the water flow rate to pump-fed pole systems accurately and dependably
  • Detects shut off situations and shuts pump down automatically
  • Detects pressure switch activation and performs pump shutdown to prevent pressure switch wear, then informs the user
  • Memory Function - Allows two settings to be stored and then switched between (e.g. 1 or 2 users)
  • Uses Logic-Sense Pushbutton to adjust for different system types. No need to set dials or switches inside the unit
  • Sealed to IP63 to prevent water ingress, all electronics are protected from shock and moisture
  • Detects low battery voltage and battery voltage indicator - alerts at 11v and shuts off at 10.5v to protect battery - can be disabled
  • Comes complete with full wiring loom, connectors, fuse and illustrated instruction manual.

Technical Info

Click Here for Page 1 of the operating instructions

Click Here for Page 2 of the operating instructions


This unit comes with a Low-Voltage Auto-Shut Off to protect the battery when the voltage drops below 10.5v - To disable this features please follow these instructions:

  1. Pressing the Down and Enter buttons on the Liquid Logic (v11) digital will display Bat Off or On
  2.  To disable the low battery shut down toggle to Off
  3. Press enter and Set will display
  4. The controller will now not shut down the pump if Battery voltage is 10.5V or below
  5. The controller will continue to display battery voltage

Please be advised that draining a battery below 10.5V repeatedly will damages the lead cells in the battery. They become coated in Sulphur crystals which harden. This in turns reduces the ability of the cell to hold a charge. The recommendation is that the over ride is only used to complete the days work then get the battery on a smart charger and reactivate low bat shut down.

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