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Super-Lite® Brush - 0° Splay - Medium Mixed Bristles


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  • Specialist Brush - Not for Beginners or for Everyday use

  • This model brush is being discontinued

  • Dual Trim

  • Medium Bristle Stiffness

  • Weighs 260g

  • Width 26cm (10")

  • Narrow Angle of Splay

  • Suitable for use with water temperatures up to 45˚C

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Simple Brush Guide - Narrow angle splay version of the popular medium mixed dual trim brush. Minimum effort needed to use - similar to the flocked version. Unique two tone bristle pattern.

0° brushes are often used on leaded windows as the bristle splay glides across the lead without catching. Also popular with those that like a more compact footprint.

Superior mono-filament, dual trim, micro-variation bristles on a lightweight two-piece stock. Our brush of choice for standard window cleaning where greater scrubbing is needed or for rinsing with the brush on the glass. This brush has inner rows of shorter stiffer bristles in the centre of the brush. This allows the outer softer bristles to splay easily for standard use and then the inner bristles come into use when scrubbing with greater pressure. Designed specifically for water fed pole use and to compliment our Super-Lite and SLX poles. This brush provides maximum efficiency with high speed on the job. 40% lighter than equivalent Vikan brush. The bristles provide superior scrubbing ability with minimum of pressure. Manufactured for longevity.

Comes fitted with a choice of 2 x jets, jet hose & black push-fit T connector.

Bristle Stiffness = Medium

Weight = 260g (including jets, jet hose and black push-fit T connector)

Width = 260mm


All brushes feature four jet holes to allow fitment of choice of jets, ie, 2 x fan jets and 2 x pencil jets.

Suitable for use with water temperatures up to 45°C - for further details see the Hot Water Brush Chart

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  1. Perfect

    By ECS March 14, 2017

    Best brush for domestic window cleaning in my opinion.

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