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TDS Probes - Replacement Items For Liquid Logic Controllers


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Replacement Items for: V2 V3 S2 Digital with TDS


To change your TDS probe follow this procedure.

Probe Removal:

  1. Loosen the gland dome by turning anti-clockwise
  2. Loosen the TDS bayonet cap by pushing down and turning anti-clockwise, remove and slide up the cable
  3. Unplug the internal blue connector by gently pulling cable and plug

Probe Replacement:

  1. Plug the internal blue connector onto the 6 pins. Make sure the connector 'pips' are to the inside
  2. Without dislodging the connector, tighten the TDS cap by re-fitting bayonet, push down and turn clockwise
  3. Tighten the gland dome by turning clockwise.

If your TDS probe develops a problem check that:

  1. The probes are straight and not touching
  2. That the probes are clean and free from dirt
  3. That the internal connector is located securely
  4. That the gland is tight and the TDS cable is held securely.

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