Vehicle Pump Controllers

Liquid Logic V3® - Vehicle System Controller

Liquid Logic V3® - Vehicle System Controller


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Advanced in-vehicle water purification and delivery control system as fitted to GrippaMax Crash-Tested Systems

  • OLED Display

  • Controls Delivery pump - Radio Control

  • Controls and Monitors all aspects of RO/DI operation and tank filling

  • Controls Hot Water System

  • Monitors water use and filter change information

  • Future-proof hardware - compatible with future features and software updates



·All New Liquid Logic® V3 System Controller

·Ideal for advanced DIY system installers - control and monitor everything from just this one box

·Controls a WFP delivery pump with digital precision - twin user settings

·Mulit-Line Text Display for accurate information and programming at a glance

·Controls fill facility on an in vehicle RO system - Automatic RO shut-off when tank is full

·Auto-Flush on an in vehicle RO system - Flushes on start-up and for 5 minutes every hour of production

·Controls fill facility on an in vehicle DI system - Automatic water inlet shut-off when tank is full

·Flow Meter - shows water production rate and total water processed for accurate filter replacement scheduling

·Water Pressure reading - shows input water pressure

·Monitors and displays twin TDS readings whilst processing water - 1/2" John Guest probes

·Monitors and displays output water temperature

·Controls a frost-stat system and a hot water supply system

·Split charger relay for charging second battery

·Battery voltage display

·Radio Control Remote - Allows up 120m remote switching and control of delivery pump

Comes complete with 1/2" TDS probes (John Guest push-fit), solenoid, float switch, full wiring loom, connectors, fuse and illustrated instruction manual.

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